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How to Meditate By Forrest Curran

Why you should meditate:

There are a number of waves that are brains give (delta, alpha, theta, and beta) and these waves are measured in Hertz. Below is a little description of each wave

Delta- Altertness and focus; however prolonged state of the brain remaining in this state leads to stress and depression

Beta- Similar to Delta

Alpha- State of relaxation, a state often derived from meditation.

Theta- Deep relaxation and a state where we are in our subconscience, often derived in our state of sleeep, but can be achieved through highly skilled meditation.

When you meditate, you try to switch the brain from giving off a stressed wave, to a more relaxed state. Our stresses and our habbits deform the shape of our brain, however we can mold our brain to function at a heightened state and actually change the shape of the brain through meditation (scientifically proven, the term is called neruroplasticity).

How to Meditate:

There are numerous ways to meditate, but Im going to give a quick run-down of how to meditate by focusing on the breath

1. Sit straight up (I believe in English they refer to this as the Indian style)

2. Have a posture to expand the lungs.

3. Clear the mind and focus on the breathe.

and thats it. Its an easy thing to learn, but takes a lifetime to master. When beginning off, try 15-20 minute sessions in the morning. The mornings are best, just when you have woken up, but make sure you are awake! Splash water in your face, take a shower, whatever; but make sure you are awake! If you see yourself falling asleep during meditation, take a nap! It does you no good!

Below are somethings I would recommend to someone that is just beginning off and common mistakes one makes.

1. If you are just beginning, I am going to guarantee 100% that you are going to be going in and out of the state of meditation. What you are trying to do is to clear the mind of the thought, but at first you are going to be focused on the breathe and have the mind clear for one moment, and then the next your mind is going to drift off and think about some random things. DONT be angry or frustrated at the idea that you are unable to focus completely, that is a thought in itself! Watch and observe the thought as they come and go, and pull yourself back into the state of meditation. Awareness of the thoughts is very different than thinking a though.

2. If you live in a loud place, or cant seem to get the drift of meditating, try looking up Meditation music in youtube and go with one you like. The music basically is in tuned with a delta wave and can serve as an aid. I personally like to do this myself, but I know this isnt for everybody.

3.You might think meditating is for some peaceful buddhist monk wayyyy up in the mountains of Tibet or whatever, but no, its for everyone! It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish; just as anyone can think a thought anywhere, anyone can meditate at anytime anywhere!

Im challenging everyone of my followers to try actively making their lives better, by meditating for ONE week. Thats all I ask, 15-20 minutes for 7 days. Meditation will calm the mind from over thinking, which humans seem to do a good job of doing and will create peace in the mind.

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation.” Dalai Lama

Forrest Curran